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Team Page View

Below is the Team Page screen image for New York (A) 1964 Replay season as of July 19th 1964. The team’s to-date performance in various categories is monitored and rated usng a baseline comparison and is indicated using meters and icons. If the view is for a replay, the baseline comparison is the real life Day-by-Day stats for that season. If the view is for the real life season, the baseline comparison is the real life Day-by-Day league average stats.

The view is split into three distinct areas: (1) across the top are a series of key performance monitors measuring the team’s replay performance versus the baseline compaison, iin this case the real life performance through July 19th, 1964; (2) In the middle are three monthly capsules (standings, batting and pitching) which show the team’s performance for each month along with our unique color coded rating of the team’s performance versus the baseline; and (3) A Day-by-Day Game Log for the entire season. The image is the same if you view the team’s Real Life data except the comparison data is the league average. Some highlights of note:

  • Quick View of team’s overall Performance Rating to date (“Frigid” to “Sizzling”) based on performance in several key areas.
  • Click Team Detail button to view a detailed analysis of the team’s performance.
  • Variance monitors show at a glance the difference (variance) in the team’s performance versus the baseline.
  • Extensive use of Tooltips to explain various monitors, ratings and options.

Color coded Day-by-Day Game Log highlights:

  • Shows every day of the season including both original and as played schedules.
  • Click on the date to be linked to the original Retrosheet box score and play-by-play for that game. For replays, click on the game score to view the replay box score for the game.
  • Wins, Losses and Ties are color coded making it easy to spot how a team is performing.
  • Scheduled days off and Upcoming games (Real life starters for both teams listed).
  • Postponements, ties and makeup games stand out. For replayers, most BB sims show rainouts or ties as a day off. This really changes how you manage your pitchers if you don’t have to hold out the next day’s starter(s).
  • All-Star Game is highlighted.
  • Highlights or Notes about cancellations, special conditions, changes in venue are included. Changes in Venue are color coded.

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