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Team Detail View

Below is the Team Detail screen image for San Francisco from a Replay of the 1964 season. The data shown is as of July 19, 1964. For the performance ratings and stat comparisons, the baseline used is the real life data from July 19th, 1964 (NOTE: if you are viewing the real life data, then the baseline comparison is the league average to date). This view is broken into three areas:

  • Performance Meters: The 10 Meters allows you to quickly assess how a team is performing versus the baseline comparison. Six of the meters (Overall Performance, Overall Batting, Overall Pitching, Strategy Use, Power Hitting and Standings Rank) use stats from multiple categories and our proprietary algorithms to assess the team’s performance. There are seven performance levels ranging from “Frigid” to “Sizzling”. Tooltips are included that describe each rating. The other four meters show net differences in key statistical categories.
  • Key Measures: These are your traditional batting and pitching stats (21 batting and 36 pitching categories). Shown are the year-to-date team totals from the replay, the real life year-to-date team totals, the difference between them and the Color Coded Performance Rating for each category. You can quickly assess in which stat categories a team is meeting expectations, is cold or is hot.
  • Day-by-Day Batting and Pitching Charts (graphs): There are 18 batting and 32 pitching charts comparing the replay stats to the real life stats on a day-by-day basis. You can easily see how the replay compares to the real life performance. Charts may be Zoomed or Exploded and include Dynamic Crosshairs to show specific data points for a given day.

Extensive use of Tooltips is included to describe the performance ratings, stat categories and charts.

At the top is a drop down list of all teams allowing you to quickly view another team's data.

Convenient links/buttons are provided for quick navigation to either League Details, Chart Central or to return to the Home page.

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