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Introducing League Dashboard 2014

League Dashboard (LDB) provides a totally unique view and analysis of past baseball seasons. Rather than just showing an overwhelming plethora of season ending stats, LDB in a concise format shows you how the season actually played out with Day-by-Day team comparisons including detail charts that you cannot find anywhere else. League Dashboard is intended for use by all baseball fans in general with special features for historians, researchers and the gaming community. For instance, if you play any of the baseball sim games, we can actually compare your replay results with the real life season data on a day-by-day basis. Take a look at our samples below to see for yourself.


League QuickView

League Detail

Team Page


Team Detail

Chart Central


League Dashboard FAQS



League Dashboard FAQs

League Dashboard (LDB) is a Windows desktop application providing a totally unique view and analysis of past baseball seasons. Using our Day-by-Day season files, LDB provides concise views for any day of the season including charts (graphs), game results, team batting and pitching stats, team comparison, performance ratings, upcoming games and much more.

We recommend you click on any of the sample screen views above for more detailed descriptions of League Dashboard's capabilities. A few of the highlights are listed below along with how the product is packaged and system requirements.

  • View any day of the season and get a complete statistical breakdown for each league and each team as of that date.

  • LDB's proprietary performance meters and ratings along with extensive use of color coded data-grids and charts (graphs) simplifies the task of analyzing a team's performance and identifying areas of interest.

  • League QuickView is the home page and shows a detail standings report for each league and for any day of the season. A set of mini charts show key day-by-day standings info and team comparisons. Drill down to view detailed league statistics, individual team statistics, link to Chart Central, change dates or seasons.

  • Team Page ranks and displays a team's year-to-date performance using a series of Performance meters, monthly breakdowns of key statisitcal areas and a day-by-day game log.

  • Team Detail Page drills down deeper with more performance ratings, statistical breakouts and charts(graphs) for all batting and pitching stats.

  • League Detail page rates overall league performance, each teams performance and breaks out all batting and pitching stats.

  • Chart Central page provides detail charts(graphs) showing team comparisons and variances in most statistical categories including special analysis of the pennat chase. Both day by day and year to date comparisons are provided.

Special for Game replayers and Baseball Sim Players:

  • League Dashboard can import the box scores from your replays and perform a complete day-by-day comparison of your replay to the real life season. Take a look at the sample screen views provided to see what we can do. Please contact us if you have any questions about the box scores you use in your replay and LDB's ability to process them.

Each Day-by-Day season file includes:

  • Complete day-by-day statistics for every game for every team in both leagues.

  • Game logs for every game including links to the Retrosheet box score and play-by-play for the game.

  • Every day is recorded for each team including postponements, makeups, ties and change of venues. Notes are included to document and track a postponement and all its makeups (this happens much more than most realize) and to track changes of venues (games moved because of storms, concerts, riots...).

  • All Star game results are included and highlighted.

  • Special or unusual occurrences are documented such as a double header with game 1 ending in a tie and game 2 being cancelled.

  • Deluxe Day-by-Day season files contain many game notes documenting outstanding performances, injuries, pennant chase highlights and much more.


All products are digital downloads. League Dashboard 2014 is sold sperately and does not include any LDB Day-by-Day season files. Basic end of season standings with Retrosheet links for each team is included for all seasons from 1901 to 2013. LDB Day-by-Day Season Files contain day-by-day statistics, game logs, and schedules (original and as-played) for each team in each league for a single season. Visit our Store page to order and view special announcements about available discounts.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/Vista

Disk Requirements: League Dashboard and it's associated files require approximately 35MB. An LDB Day-by-Day season file requires 4-7MB depending on the season.

Use on a MAC: The software has not been validated on any of the MACs running a windows compatible environment.

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