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League QuickView

Below is the League QuickView screen image for the 1964 Real Life season. It shows a traditional, detailed standings along with a series of charts (graphs). Some highlights of note:

  • View stats and standings for any day of the season, not just end of season data. The image below shows the real life 1964 season as of the end of play on July 5, 1964.
  • Click any Team Name to view a detailed analysis of that team’s performance to date
  • Click any mini-chart to be taken to Chart Central which presents a graphical analysis of the league and team performance
  • With the mini-charts, the line charts quickly show how close(tight) the pennant chases are and the bar charts show team-by-team comparisons in key batting and pitching categories.
  • Link to view League Detail analysis and performance.

For Gamers/Replayers:

  • Click the Season Options button and point us to your replay box scores and we’ll compare and analyze your replay results with the real life results including day-by-day comparisons.

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